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Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A)

NTT Communications Smart Content Delivery Advance(SCD-A) offers optimal distribution environment.

This service is particularly recommended for customers who wish to reduce load efficiently and at the same time improve delivery performance.

This is an NTT Communications' or NTT Communications' specified network proprietary content delivery service that uses cache servers installed on the Global IP Network. As it is directly connected to major ISPs both inside and outside Japan, including OCNs that have large numbers of end users, it can bring about more effective content delivery.
Direct connections with the major ISPs in and outside of Japan

Features & Benefits

Global content delivery network

This service enables content delivery to be more efficient by using cache servers located around the world.

Ideal for download deliveries

The service can stably deliver even software whose files are large enough to have an impact on servers and lines.

SCD Portal (customer page function)

In addition to such functions as SCD system monitoring and traffic monitoring, this option enables access logs to be viewed and downloaded.

Excellent support

High-quality customer service is available 24/7/365.

Improving security

The mechanism of delivering content from cache servers can protect customers' servers from unauthorized access and direct attacks, such as DDoS.
Service menu
Smart Content Delivery Advance provides the following service menu items. By installing the appropriate item(s) from these services, you can improve responsiveness, scalability, redundancy, and operational stability of content deliveries without complex alterations to your system.

Reverse proxy cache

This service reduces load on your servers by delivering Web content from your nearest cache server through shouldering responses to requests from end users.
Reverse Proxy cache (Advance) New!
Optional services

China Delivery

It can provide content delivery in a way such that users cannot notice congestion in communications between China and Japan by forming an alliance with local CDN operators in China, and then delivering content from cache servers located in the mainland.

Secure Content Delivery

This option is used in e-commerce applications and at portal sites and also supports secure communications (SSL: Secure Socket Layer), essential for protecting personal information.

BA Monitoring

Web Site Sentinel

Monitoring performance of Web sites

Do you know how your site looks from the perspective of end users?
"BA Monitoring" monitors the performance of your site from the perspective of your end users. If your site should encounter a problem, you will be informed by e-mail, for example, and you can then check in detail where the delay or trouble is occurring.
Example applications

Monitoring whether a Web site is dead or alive

Web Site Sentinel monitors from an environment close to your end users whether your Web site actually goes down or becomes slower in displaying information. It enables you to confirm the results at the portal site and informs you with an information mail whenever your Web site experiences problems.

Monitoring applications within the Web site

You can monitor not only the top page of your Web site, but also the details of moves of pages in deeper layers. For example, "Search Results," "Shopping Cart," "Reservations," within the site, going down from the top page, and check in detail (drill down to) the location where delays or problems are occurring.
Applying the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

100% Uptime

SCD always monitors the network of cache servers centrally under our SLA.
It ensures distribution from the cache servers guaranteed to be without problem or system failure.

*The optional services are not covered under the SLA.
*If the quality of any one of the services covered by the SLA should not reach its reference value, NTT Communications will reimburse the charges according to the provision conditions documentation.

Area of Service

Smart Content Delivery service is available throughout the world.

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